Built: 2004
Moldova flag
P&I: British Steamship P&I Association (Bermuda) Ltd
Classification: Veritas Register of Shipping


Deadweight: 6507
GT: 4039 / NT: 2360
Mean Light Draft: 1.872 m
Summer Draft (Salt Water Draft): 6.914 m
Length Overall: 102.79 m
Breadth Moulded: 17 m


10 Knots Laden
Sea: 7.0 mt FO, 0.78 MGO
Port Idle: 0.75 mt MGO
Port Working: 1.35 mt MGO

NOTE! The vessel specifications contained in this page(s) have been compiled to the best of Avrey Commerce Ltd. knowledge. However, all specifications contained in this page(s) only describe «about» data and therefore cannot be considered as guaranteed specification of the respective vessel. Speed, consumption and technical figures may vary from the data contained in this page(s) are dependent on conditions, the loaded cargo, weather and sea conditions, and the quality of the bunker on board. The loading of the vessel subject to the vessel’s stability, trim, permissible weights, regulations of visibility and might depend on the cargo and/or ballast on board. Strictly none of the details in this page(s) shall be part of charter parties or other agreements without permission of Avrey Commerce Ltd.

We provide services within the Black and Mediterranean seas and Indian Ocean.